Joe Tex – I’ll Make Everyday Christmas

I had to figure something out… my entire web presence had been hacked. It seemed like everything I had ever written was about to go up in smoke. It’s always been bad enough that when you googled me you came up with about 100 pages about Hockey, but this was something more malevolent and sinister. I ended up hiring some people to ‘clean’ my sites, and it seemed to work – but then it happened again. Ugh.

As you may know, I’d been working on The Reggie Young Discography Project for a few years now, and the recent discovery of Bobby Emmons’ 1967 session log book (thank you, Sherry) had opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. Mark Nicholson and I had identified almost 500 tracks that Reggie and/or Bobby had played on that year, and put it all together on the 1967 Discography Page last Summer, but I didn’t want to post it until I had finished the ‘liner notes’ as I usually did. After I had written way more than I had for any of the other years, I realized that I was not even a quarter of the way through. Then the whole hacking thing made me kind of question what the hell I was doing.

So this is what I came up with, this new site soulsauce.me will feature my ‘works in progress’, and I will be breaking up those notes into ‘episodes’ and posting them here as I finish them, before eventually pulling them all together. In the meantime, that 1967 page is live now front and center on Soul Detective, just in time for Christmas.

Joe Tex recorded I’ll Make Everyday Christmas (For My Woman) with Reggie and Bobby at American Sound on November 9th, 1967 – just one of the truly amazing records they cut that year…

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas in these troubled times… I hope Santa treats you good!

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