Chuck Jackson – Candy

In 1967, Papa Don Schroeder was hired as an independent producer by Florence Greenberg at Wand Records to work with one of their major stars, Chuck Jackson. Schroeder, who had been cutting hits on The Purifys and Oscar Toney, Jr. at American Sound in Memphis, planned on recording Jackson there as well, only when he showed up for the session, Chips Moman was nowhere to be found…

Wand 1166 B

Wand did release a Papa Don Produced 45 on Chuck (Wand 1166) in September 1967, but until now, nobody seemed to know where he produced it… the B Side of that 45, Candy, was written by ‘B. Woods – A. Lowe’ – if that referred to Bobby Wood and Junior Lowe (which it did), it didn’t seem to make sense, as Bobby was still at Sam Phillips in Memphis, and Junior was still at Fame in Muscle Shoals.

John Broven asked Bobby about it, and he told us: “The record was recorded in New York. I suppose the label bought our tickets. Roger Hawkins, David Hood, and Junior Lowe…” – WOW!

So I asked David Hood about it: “We recorded this at Mira Sound studio in NYC August 2/3/4 1967. I don’t remember why Spooner or Barry couldn’t go, but Papa Don was able to get Bobby Wood to go…”

Incredible stuff, boys and girls, and so VERY cool that Papa Don flew Junior (who had played guitar on “I’m Your Puppet”) up to NYC at a time when Jerry Wexler refused to, even though he had been importing the rest of ‘The Swampers’ to Atlantic in New York on a regular basis…

Thank you, Bobby and David for clearing this one up!

CHUCK JACKSON – CANDY (Wand 1166) – 1967

CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING RECORD!! I mean Bobby’s funky-ass organ, Junior’s dripping Telecaster lines, along with his fellow Swampers Roger and David just kicking it… way ahead of it’s time, folks!

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