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Bill Robbin & The Blue Jays – White Christmas

After this one popped up on the ol’ Christmas jukebox last night, I started thinking about who might be playing that funky organ. We had featured the flip, Rockin’ Bells, a couple of years ago and, after I posted it, Charlie Chalmers chimed in and told us that […]

Joe Tex – I’ll Make Everyday Christmas

I had to figure something out… my entire web presence had been hacked. It seemed like everything I had ever written was about to go up in smoke. It’s always been bad enough that when you googled me you came up with about 100 pages about Hockey, but […]

James Carr – Forgetting You

This one’s been bugging me for years… Back in 2007 I wrote something about an amazing James Carr B Side Forgetting You. “…the band (led by that incredible Reggie Young guitar) shifts things down to a minor key, then just builds and builds,” I said. Years later, when I asked Reggie about it […]

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